Toyota Hilux Revo 2.8L TRD


If you want a pick-up truck that is both practical and comfortable, then the all-new HiLux 2020 is what you’re looking for. Toyota was on to more than just a winner, with the HiLux – the only production vehicle to have reached both of the earth’s poles – now synonymous with reliability and versatility. To say the HiLux range is “expansive” is an understatement of epic proportions. There is a HiLux to suit almost any buyer – whether it’s for a fleet of stripped-down workhorses or a pre-packaged bells-and-whistles recreational off-roader. This is a cornerstone of the truck’s success, for sure, the HiLux is designed to be both extremely practical and comfortable. Discover a host of innovative pick-up truck features that will change your expectations. Explore the best all-terrain truck now!

💥Double Cab 💥4WD 💥18” Off-Road Tires
💥TRD dampers 💥Power Seats 💥TRD graphics
💥Auto Start/Stop 💥Leather Interior
💥Reverse Camera 💥Roll & Lock

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    NOW $ 8,500,000
    Body Pick-up
    Engine 2.8L